How Internet Service Providers Limit Bandwidth Bandits

Files that are loaded to or from servers uses internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Each and every time you upload a file to your ISP, surf the web or use an audio application, you are utilizing bandwidth. Bandwidth is a bunch of wires or fibers connecting servers to a network. Depending for the grade of the wire it determines how much data is coming across the network where your web-site is hosted. When somebody attempts to get a lot more data than can be handled by the network, the whole network slows down.

ISP’s can put a restriction on bandwidth at particular times during peak periods or charge you a flat fee per month for bandwidth usage. If you go over the flat fee, then they charge you extra for utilizing additional bandwidth. Some ISP’s will shut down the transmissions until traffic is a lot more stable on the network. You can load most files (images, sound files, videos and flash scripts and other programs) in your web site. This excludes, of course, banners and pop ups and specific documents and images which are supposed to be loaded from a central server. 

Bandwidth bandits link to pictures and other files directly to some other server instead of putting them on their local server. There are numerous reasons as to why they do this but one reason is to obtain as significantly bandwidth as possible to show their links and images. So they “steal” pictures or audio files each time the site is initialized meaning that they steal the bandwidth. There’s certain methods that you simply can stop the person from stealing your bandwidth allocation. If they have an email, I would contact them personally or go through Network Solutions and do an IP lookup which will give you info for the person and who the site is registered to. You are able to constantly get in touch with the company that hosts their website too.

Bandwidth could be expensive and also the last thing that you want is somebody stealing it. Make certain to choose a good managed hosting service that may give you the bandwidth and security that you simply need for your business. Don’t let bandwidth hogs make a negative impact on what you require to obtain done. Other than just pure bandwidth look for a provider that may also supply a multitude of services like Virtual Private Data Centers. It’s constantly greatest to do your homework first.

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2 thoughts on “How Internet Service Providers Limit Bandwidth Bandits

  1. Jane Brown - July 1, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Well, this limitation depends upon the consumption of internet. If the traffic and consumption is high so it can automatically decreases the speed of the individual user because the total speed and bandwidth provide by the company is divided into the individual user so the higher will be the number of users lower will be the speed and for this purpose the internet company provide more internet bandwidth for fast speed.

  2. John Paul - July 21, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Well, some time the internet speed slow down due to the maximum number of users with higher bandwidth spending. can you please post something that provides the solution for it.


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